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Shreehari Puja is a home Puja service provider based in Bangalore, India. Our team of experienced pandits offers you the best of Vedic Puja done according to your needs.Satyanarayana Puja is about providing numerous items to Lord Vishnu as a token of gratitude for all the successes as well as well-being that have happened in one’s life. A celebration where one determines to credit his success to the almighty, thus seeking his support in endeavours to come. It can be done on any day, but specifically Purnima Day or Full Moon Day, is thought to be really auspicious for doing this puja.

Satya means reality and Narayana means the one that approves of everything as well as everyone. Satya Narayana Puja is the prayer of the Lord Narayana. Satyanarayana is one of the forms of Vishnu. The prayer of Satyanarayana suggests that to conquer by worshipping the lord of facts is possible. Worshipping is a means of being genuine to oneself as well as being honest with others.

One of the most important components to any Vedic ritual is having a Puja done by a qualified, experienced pandit. Shreehari Puja Pandit in Bangalore delivers unmatched quality through their services which are given according to Vedic ritualism. So if you are searching for a Pandit who provides quality service at affordable rates then look no further than Shreehari Puja Pandit in Bangalore for your needs.

Benefits of Satyanarayan Puja

  • The process has been proven to be an effective tool in removing all sin’s from the past life as well as overcoming obstacles in this life.

  • This process will help anyone achieve their goals and aspirations, and also overcome sin’s that might occur in life.

  • Removes the past life’s sin’s so you can live with peace of mind.

  • Increases mental clarity, ensures success, helps overcome problems.

Signigicance of Satyanarayana Puja Pandit

  • A sacred Hindu ceremony most famously associated with the worship of the god Vishnu is followed with fervour by Hindus and Jains around the world.

  • Satyanarayana is a way to appreciate relationships and is often used as an occasion for family gatherings.

  • This puja also helps fight against evils like poverty, illness, death, and other social ills.

  • If you’re looking for a trusted pandit for Satyanarayan Puja, look no further than the highly-qualified and professional Satyanarayan Puja pandit from Shreehari Puja.

Shreeharipuja Pandits Assures

This puja dates back to the Skanda Purana and has been practised ever since. Lord Vishnu is said to have responded positively to Narada’s request for the mantra or method for alleviating human suffering on Earth. According to Lord Vishnu, worshipping Lord Satyanarayan will be the ultimate path to bliss and freedom in the Kaliyuga.

It begins with a reading of Lord Satyanarayan Kathas containing five chapters by Panditji. Lord Satyanarayan’s blessings are sought after through the ritualistic performance of havan. The Satynarayan Puja Prasad distribution is complete.

Satyanarayan Puja Procedure

Devotees are required to fast until the puja is over on puja day. For the purpose of fasting before, during, and after the puja, the goal is to ensure that no bad thoughts or cravings arise.
Prasad and the blessings of Lord Satyanarayan can be sought once the puja is done.

Samagris for the Satyanarayana Pooja Ceremony

Listed below are the samagris necessary for Satyanarayan Vrat.

Navadhanyam, Milk, curd, ghee, Gomutra, Sandal powder, Dharba, coconuts, betel leaves, and Naivedyam must be prepared according to your preferences.

About Satyanarayan Puja - ShreehariPuja Pandits Bangalore

Exactly who is Lord Satyanarayana?
Lord Vishnu manifested as Lord Satyanarayana in human form. The Satyanarayana puja is popular in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Bengal, and Maharashtra in India, where it is practised extensively.

To perform Satyanarayan Pooja, what would you require?
In order to perform Satyanarayana puja, you will need the following materials.

Powdered turmeric, Kumkum, Navadhanya, Incense sticks, Camphor, Sandal paste, framed photograph of Lord Satyanarayana, wheat or jwar, Betel leaves, Betel nuts, and coins, Tulasi leaves garland and dried dates/almonds Two jars – one for Kalash and one for the ceremony – are provided. A pair of plates that are both flat. A ringing sound Pidha table of considerable size huge, bright-yellow fabric a piece of brightly hued fabric (for the kalash), Three types of oil lamps and wicks: Ghee and cotton. Panchamrita ( a mixture of milk, yogurt, honey, sugar, and ghee).

How can I perform Satyanarayan Pooja on my own?
In Hinduism, the Satyanarayana puja is one of the most simple and straightforward rites. Anyone can carry out this procedure, and a priest is not required.

When is the best time to perform Satyanarayan Pooja at home?
It is possible to perform Satyanarayana puja on any day and for any reason. Purnima, or full moon day, is the most auspicious day to perform this puja, according to the Hindu calendar. Satyanarayana puja can be performed at home at housewarming ceremonies and weddings.

Satyanarayan Puja is performed by
Satyanarayana puja is open to all ages, men and women. Even widows took part in this rite.

What is Satyanarayan Puja?
In Hinduism, Satyanarayana puja is conducted to get divine blessings of wealth, prosperity, education, tranquilly, and freedom from worries and sickness.

When is Satyanarayan Pooja best?
Satyanarayana puja can be performed at any time. The Hindu calendar suggests performing this puja on the full moon or Purnima day. On Chaturthi, Chandra Udaya and Pradosh Vypini Purnima, this puja is conducted.

Satyanarayan fasting food list
Eat prasad, which is generally cooked rice, dal, and veggies. Avoid meat, onions, and garlic.

If so, may it be done on Amavasya?
No, but Ekadashi, Saturdays, and Pournima are good days to do it.

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