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Lord Shiv’s Rudrabhishek Puja is a highly powerful puja. Lord Ram performed a Rudrabhishekam to the Shiv lingam in Rameswaram to obtain Lord Shiva’s blessings. This puja aids in the development of a strong mind, excellent health, and the removal of negative consequences.

Lord Shiva, also known as Bholenath, is the most forgiving god, and Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is done to please him. Maha means great, Mrityu represents death, and Jaya means victory, hence by chanting this Jaap, this mantra grants the person victory over death. Mrityunjaya Jaap restores health, wealth, longevity, tranquilly, prosperity, and contentment.Panditji performs Mrityunjaya Jaap, which begins with Gauri Ganesh puja, Kalash Navgraha Puja, and the Jaap.

When should Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap be performed?

Mrityunjaya Jaap is commonly conducted in the auspicious months of Shravan and Karthik.Mondays, or any auspicious day that is compatible with the person’s Janma nakshatra, can be chosen for this Jaap.

Benefits of Maha Mrityunjay Jaap

This mantra can save lives when uttered with sincerity, conviction, and devotion. This mantra should be chanted once before applying bhasma, holy ash, vibhuthi, chandan, or kumkum. Pour a glass of water and pray to Lord Shiva. Also, close the glass with your right hand, say the mantra for 1008 times, spray the water within the house, and offer it to others. This sort of maha mrityunjaya jaap can invoke Lord Shiva’s energies in water.

Chant as many times as you can next to sick or in pain folks. If you know a terminally ill patient, chant it or videotape it. Play the mantra or chant regularly for your cancer-stricken friends or relatives. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Jaap is claimed to generate divine vibrations that ward off bad forces and build a powerful protective shield. Frequent chanting will guard you against untimely death, misfortune, tragedy, and mysterious occurrences.

Signigicance of Rudrabhishek Puja Pandit

Rudra abhishek thorough preparations before the start of Rudra abhishek must go. His duties include preparing seats for Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati, other deities and Navagrahas. The Lord’s blessings are sought before beginning the puja, along with Ganesh worship for its success. The devotee also chants the Sankalp, or the purpose of the puja.

In this order, the nine planets and Mother Earth are pujad to. The Shivling to be worshipped is put on the altar with provisions to collect the water coming from the picture during Abhishek.

Finally, Pandits offer special meals and perform aarti. The Pandits sprinkle Ganga Jal on the devotees and give it to drink. Sins and diseases are gone. During this Puja, people chant ‘Om Nama Shivaya’.

Shreeharipuja Pandits Assures

Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment as well as a deep-level purification of the soul’s karmas. One of the most powerful ancient Sanskrit mantras is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. It’s also thought to be good for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

This Mantra is related to very aggressive form of Lord Shiva. That’s why its practice should be done very carefully or in supervision of some expert person .

The Mantra and Meaning of the Mantra:

om tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ pushtivardhanam

purvārukamiva bandhanānmṛmrityor mokshiye maamritat

Rudrabhishek Puja Procedure

Every Puja has its own set of advantages. As a result, Rudrabhishek Puja is beneficial in reducing the malefic effects of the Pushya, Punarvasu, and Ashlesha Nakshatras. Furthermore, the puja has the ability to cleanse the karmic doshas. As a result, it will guard against negative energy and evil eyes.

About Rudrabhishek Puja - ShreehariPuja Pandits Bangalore

Rudrabhishek Puja is conducted to invoke Lord Rudra’s blessings, Lord Shiva’s most furious form. The purpose of performing this puja is to remove and overcome any hurdles that a person may face in life. Before heading to war with Ravan, Lord Ram performed Rudrabhishek in Rameshwaram to obtain Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Invoking Lord Rudra, chanting the Rudra Suktha Mantra, and performing Rudrabhishek are all part of this puja.

As previously said, this is Lord Shiv’s most powerful puja. Lord Ram was said to have performed Rudrabhishekam to Shiva Lingam to obtain Lord Shiva’s blessings in ancient times. People believe that this puja can benefit them in a variety of ways. To live a healthy life, to have a strong mind, and to be free of negative consequences. Inquiring about this with a Pandit can assist you in gathering more facts. In Bangalore, however, there are many Pandits available for Rudrabishek puja. Make a phone call to set up a time to do your Puja.

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