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Namkaran Puja is the ceremony that takes place to name a newborn baby. It is performed in order to formally maintain the child’s given name, which is the first word of the name offered by Panditji based on the baby’s Nakshatra. Namkaran Puja is a ritual in which the child is given Samskaras, which is thought to be of paramount importance in the development and raising of the child. This ceremony is typically performed on the 11th day. If the ceremony cannot be completed on that day, it must be performed within three months of the baby’s birth or on the baby’s first birthday, whichever comes first. Panditji performs the ceremony, which includes Gauri Ganesh Puja, Kalash Puja, Punyaha Vachanam, Namkaran (which is done by whispering the child’s name in the right ear while singing Vedic mantras), and a havan (which is conducted for the baby’s Graha Shanti).

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  • All of the mantras that are recited throughout this process are believed to have a significant impact on the child’s outcome. It is the parents’ crucial responsibility to ensure that their kid is given an appropriate name by organising a Baby Naming Ceremony. When the ritual is inaugurated with the blessings of the Kul Devta, the significance of the event grows. In addition to receiving blessings from goddesses and gods, it becomes increasingly important for the child to receive blessings from the elderly members of the household. This Sanskar also determines the child’s long-term prospects.

Signigicance of Namkaran Puja Pandit

The Namakaran Puja is the child’s first ceremony, giving him/her a name and identity.
Everyone in the family and circles recognises this as the start of his human life.
Every Hindu child is required to perform the Namkaran rite. It is a religious tradition that reminds parents of their duties and responsibilities towards their child. Namkaran Puja is very significant in developing a child’s character and upbringing. Namkaran puja is a joyful celebration of giving Sanskar to a baby. Namkaran Puja boosts the baby’s name’s luck. It removes bad luck, prosperity, and success from baby’s life.

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  • Professional and skilled Vedic Hindi Pandit with Puja Material for Namkaran.
  • Will carry out the complete ritual in accordance with Vedic procedures and standards.
    Pooja Material of the highest quality for the Namakaran Puja event.
  • Professional Counseling & Support.
    Our Success Sutra is as follows: Accuracy, Assurance, and Authenticity.

Namkaran Puja Procedure

Grah shanti can be used to remove grah dosh.

We take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the certified purohith, to choosing auspicious Muhuratha, to selecting and purchasing needed Puja Samagri. You simply book the Puja and rest while we endeavour to ensure a divine and pleasant Puja experience.

About Namkaran Puja - ShreehariPuja Pandits Bangalore

When a child is exactly ten days old according to Hindu mythology, a ritual known as the Naming Ceremony takes place to celebrate this occasion. Ordinarily, at the Naming Ceremony, two names are chosen for a baby, with one of them being kept a secret because it is only understood by the child’s parents and no one else. The name that is most commonly used for official and social reasons is the one that is opposite to the one that is most commonly used. The key name of the child is chosen in accordance with the position of the planets and nakshatras in the child’s horoscope. According to astrology, a child’s destiny and a variety of astrological aspects can be predicted with the help of his “secret” name, which is revealed only to his parents.

Namkaran Sanskar Has a Particularly Important Role

The significance of Namkaran Sanskar in Hindu Sanatan Dharma cannot be overstated. It is the very first Sanskar ceremony ever conducted, and it takes place shortly after the birth of the child. This is frequently the case, which is why its significance becomes rather essential. Additionally, chanting mantras and performing pujas at the Namkaran Sanskar are incredibly important due to the fact that they help to bring about beneficial changes in the child’s life.

A baby’s compatibility with his kundali and the idea of the primary letter of his moon sign is determined by his kundali and the idea of the primary letter of his moon sign. The name of a person is inextricably linked to his or her existence, which is why Namkaran Sanskar is of so great significance.

What does Namakaranam imply?
Namakaranam is a newborn baby naming ceremony.

When may one conduct Namakaranam?
However, the naming rite can be performed on any day, not just the 11th day after the baby’s birth.

Is the Namakaranam ritual required?
Yes, but it is a religious or cultural ritual.

Why is it that names are odd?
Traditionally. It is considered auspicious in Hinduism. Why shouldn’t odd come in?

Why give the newborn a gold gift?
The paternal grandparents enchant the newborn with gold.

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