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The Griha Pravesh Puja is another name for the new house puja. This puja is performed prior to entry into a new residence for the first time. Once the house is completed and ready to be moved into by the family, consult a priest to select the most auspicious muhurat for moving in. The priest calculates the muhurat using astrological charts and panchangs. With Samagri, you may schedule a panditji online for Vastu Shanti and Griha Pravesh.

At, you can book pandits for Griha Pravesh / Gruhapravesham Pooja in Bangalore. We simplified the process of booking pandits and puja materials.

When a family moves to a new house, they do Kalasha puja as part of the Griha Pravesh Pooja, or House Warming Ceremony. This Pooja would remove all negative energy from the new home and fill it with pleasure and wealth by doing it. To perform Griha Pravesh Pooja in the absence of a cow, perform puja for cow and calf idols. In order to keep cows in flats, purohits recommend doing puja for the cow idol. Griha Pravesh puja, a house-opening ritual, can be booked easily with Shreeharipuja’s amazing service.

Benefits of Grihapravesh Puja

  • brings the house serenity, prosperity, harmony, and good fortune.
  • protects the home from negative influences and creates and maintains positive energy within it
  • It removes the sin caused by earth digging, stone breaking, and tree chopping.
  • Safeguard the home against terrible hazards and diseases.
  • protects the home from demonic energies and establishes a divine presence.
  • It eliminates Vastu doshas and associated problems.

Signigicance of Grihapravesh Puja Pandit

  • Vastu Purush, the son of mother earth, is said to have invaded the devatas with malice.
  • After being defeated by the Gods, he fell to Earth.
  • Purified by Brahma’s and several other devas’ touch, Vastu petitions the gods for a duty.
  • If certain rites are not performed, the house will be eaten by the Vastu Purusha.
  • As a result, an intricate ritual was developed before residing in a home.

Shreeharipuja Pandits Assures

  • Professional and skilled Vedic Hindi Pandit with Puja Material for Griha Pravesh.
  • Will carry out the complete ritual in accordance with Vedic procedures and standards.
    Pooja Material of the highest quality for the GrihaPravesh Puja event.
  • Professional Counseling & Support.
    Our Success Sutra is as follows: Accuracy, Assurance, and Authenticity.

Grih Pravesh Puja Procedure

Griha Pravesh is the location of Poojas and Homams conducted in conjunction with the purchase of a new home or before to moving in for the first time. Griha Pravesh is a technique for removing negative energy from a house or location. It enables an individual to move into a new home without encountering any barriers and eliminates drishti. Gho Pooja, Ganapathy, Navagraha & Lakshmi, and Vasthu Homam are the essential components of this Pooja. After Homam is completed, the milk is cooked and allowed to overflow the new vessel as a sign of good fortune in the new dwelling.Following the completion of the Griha Pravesh Pooja, a pumpkin is offered to cleanse the family and the new home of drishti.

About Grih Pravesh Puja - ShreehariPuja Pandits Bangalore

Griha Pravesham is a Hindu ceremony that is observed by everyone. This is an auspicious day for the owners and family members to move into their new home. The ritual is performed in order to dispel any negative effects of planets or any bad energy. On that day, several significant pujas or Homas are held.

Housewarming Rituals of Various Types

Apoorva – The house was built on recently acquired land.

Sapoorva – Reentering the house following a trip abroad or elsewhere, or reentering a resold home.

Dwandwah – Damage caused by natural or unnatural tragedies is restored or renovated.

Numerous Pujas performed for beneficial purposes

A) Because the ‘Cow’ houses all gods, it is decorated and venerated with flowers, turmeric, and kumkum. The priest performs the Go Puja mantra, and the family members offer fruits and touch it, requesting its blessings. The cow and calf are then brought to each room. If the structure is flat, it is worshipped from the outside.

B) Another Puja is performed for the Threshold, which is critical since it protects the owner while also preventing evil energies from entering the dwelling. God Ganapathy, Lakshmi, and Saraswathy are venerated here due to their residence in the Threshold.

C) The proprietor enters the dwelling-

1. To begin, the wife should carry a pot of water into the house and enter with her right feet.

2. Her spouse, who is carrying a photograph of gods, then follows her.

3. When the youngsters enter the house, they carry groceries that symbolise affluence.

4. Finally, further relatives.

D) Ganapathy Homa- Here, the Lord of Obstacles is invoked to remove impediments to entry into the dwelling. This Homa is the catalyst for all malevolent forces existing in the house. Ganesha smooths out the path of life.

E) Navagraha Homa – ‘Griha’ is the Sanskrit name for planets. As a result, our house is influenced by all nine planets. We should placate them and seek their blessings in order to receive adequate protection from the planets’ negative impacts and dangers generated by our Karma.

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